Ajax and Wim Jonk

Ajax and Wim Jonk

Ajax has concluded that an irreconciliable difference of opinion between the club and Wim Jonk exists, concerning the substance and functioning of the technical heart.  For this reason, the club has initiated discussions that will most likely lead to the club and the current head of the youth academy, Wim Jonk, parting ways.  There has been a long-standing difference of vision between Jonk on one side, and the remaining members of the technical heart and the management team on the other.

General manager Dolf Collee regrets that things have progressed this way: “The problems in and around the technical heart continue to exist, even after several attempts to bring the members closer together.  Since September, Edwin van der Sar has been the technical heart’s chairman, and he has also invested much time and energy into the situation.  In the end, we’ve concluded that it doesn’t seem possible to keep all members on board.  In addition to that, Wim’s demands are not in line with the ideas of the other members of the technical heart, the Supervisory Board.  Ajax will continue on its chosen path.  The strategy remains the same, and the individual development of our talents remains at the core.”

Ajax and Jonk will meet shortly to discuss a settlement.  The club will also be looking into the possibilities for appointing a replacement for Jonk, be it on a temporary basis or not.

Wim Jonk (Volendam, October 12, 1966) played with Ajax for five years during his international football career.  After stopping his playing career he returned to Ajax in 2007.   He started off as an individual trainer with youth players.  He has spent the past years as the head of the youth academy, and from that position, he has also been a member of the technical heart.