ACA cherishes Surinam: 'Nice to get acquainted’

ACA cherishes Surinam: 'Nice to get acquainted’

Last month, the Ajax Coaching Academy paid a visit to the Nacional Soccer Academy in Surinam.  ACA Ambassador Sonny Silooy spoke of a wonderful week: “Ajax has brought up many Surinamese players, so it’s already a great fit.”

Silooy was in Surinam on behalf of the ACA with Martijn Middelbeek (coachP and Arend-Jan Kranenburg (project manager).  “The owner of the Nacional Soccer Academy in Suriman, Bobby Jaikaran, invited us”, explains the former Ajax 1 player.  “At the Ajax Coaching Academy, we have several ambassadors with a lot of knowledge of the business, that’s our strength.  Jaikaran wanted to see if they could implement our know-how in their own academy, or if a steady partnership could arise.”

'Just like Ajax, they want to be different’

Hard work
The trip wasn’t exactly one week of lying around in the sun, says Middelbeek.  “We worked very hard.  We left on Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday we worked on the first part of theory.  From Monday to Wednesday, we were on the field with all of the age groups.  Including the pre – and post- training meetings, these were pretty intense days.  On Thursday, the groups were brought together for a tournament, to conclude.  In between all of that, we also gave a press conference and participated in a television broadcast.”

Agreement with Ajax
Silooy sees similarities between Ajax and NSA.  “Just like Ajax, they want to be different, and do things differently.  That’s a good starting point.” According to the former pro, Ajax can help to develop the academy.  “The NSA is just starting out.  I’ve advised them to keep it simple, and build from there.  We can help them set everything up and ensure that there is continuity.”

It was an amazing trip for the Ajacieds.  Middelbeek: “We were received very well there. We laughed a lot during the trainings.  That’s important, the kids should enjoy themselves.” Silooy, Middelbeek and Kranenburg also played a game.  “We played with Bobby Jaikaran’s team against a local Surinamese team.  Naturally, we won, but the opponents were impressive.”

Better perpective
Silooy is hoping that this leads to a more structural partnership.  “It was nice to get acquainted on this trip, and Jaikaran will come to Ajax this month.  We’ll evaluate the possibilities of working together.  Ajax has brought up many Surinamese players, which is already a great fit.”