‘A gift to our home crowd’

‘A gift to our home crowd’

With a convincing 5-2 win against Heerenveen, Ajax won its twelfth competition match of the season.  Frank de Boer was happy with Ajax’s performance.  “Despite the fact that it was a holiday, a large number of people came out to watch.  I’m happy that we were able to give them a gift.”

De Boer and his fellow coach Foppe de Haan agreed: Ajax’s win was well-deserved.  “There’s nothing to say about it”, said De Haan on Saturday evening.  “There was a big difference in technical skills between the teams.  When we had the ball, we ran with it.  On the contrary, Ajax let the ball do the work.”

De Boer, the winning coach, was understandably happy with his team’s scoring streak.  He also discussed another aspect: “I think that our organization, when we are not in possession, is good.  We can grab our opponent by the throat in the places we want to.  It means we need to run less.  That saves energy.”

A small blemish on the evening was the way in which the two goals against came about.  “The second was a giveaway, and the first was a gift, too.” And then, with a grin: “I guess it’s really Saint-Nicholas’s holiday, isn’t it?”