136 places are reserved for disabled supporters in the stadium.  There is space for approximately 70 blind or partially sighted supporters in section 016.  On the North and South side, between the first and second ring, 66 additional spots are available for wheelchair users (Sections 812, 816, 825 and 829).

For all of the sections mentioned above, tickets are sold in pairs, for the disabled supporter and his or her companion.  It is not possible to issue more than one ticket for companions.

Due to safety regulations, the companion must be at least 18 years of age, and capable of helping and evacuating the disabled person if necessary.

Guide dog
If you use an official guide dog, it is no problem if you have a ticket for section 016.  The other spots for disabled spectators are not suitable due to the presence of many other spectators.  We also kindly request that you inform us of a dog’s presence prior to the game, so that we can ensure that the stewards are aware of this.  You can contact the Fan care department to arrange this.

Disability Club Card
To be eligible for a disability ticket, you must possess a Disability Club Card.  In order to request this club card, you need to own a European disability parking card.  The Disability Club Card can be requested via this page

Club card for disabled supporters
It is possible to purchase a disability season ticket.  Certain criteria apply when requesting or being put on a waiting list for disability season tickets.  Currently, all of our season tickets are sold out.

Home game
If you are in possession of a Disability Club Card, you can order tickets for Ajax home games online through your My Ajax account.  It is not possible for supporters who are not disabled to use these tickets.  Any abuse of tickets for disabled supporters will result in being refused entry to the stadium.

European away games
Tickets for one of Ajax’s away games can be requested via this form.  A request form for an away game can be filled in.  Limited tickets are available for each game.  Tickets will be assigned based on a draw one week prior to the game.  You will be informed of the outcome via email.

Tickets for a European away game can be requested up to two weeks before the game via this form.  Limited tickets are available for these games as well.  Our aim is to close registration for these tickets one week before the away game, and then do the draw.  You will be informed of the outcome via email.