The Johan Cruijff ArenA is accessible for disabled persons.


Disabled supporters who wish to use the elevators can do so by entering the stadium via the North entrance B or South entrance H.  The accessible entrances are located in parking garage P1 ArenA.  Two elevators are located at each entrance to bring disabled persons to the required level.  Please take note of potential waiting times for the elevators, and plan to arrive at the stadium on time.  The doors open ninety minutes before kick-off.

Disabled supporters in sections 016, 812 and 816 will be expected at the rear door of  North entrance B. 

Disabled supporters who hold tickets for sections 825 and 829 will take the H/south elevators rear door.  From the elevator, you can access your place directly.  Places are indicated via signage on the floor.

Ticket control will take place at both entrances and there is the possibility of being bodily searched.  Your disability will of course be taken into account.  Only bags with medication related to the disability will be allowed.  There is a limited possibility to put bags in storage.


You will find the lavatories at main entrance E.  The easy access toilets are located at the entrance of the platform, under section 016, and near the spots for disabled supporters.

Information in case of emergency

The Johan Cruijff ArenA has four First Aid stations.  Two are located on the North side, and two on the South side.  For disabled supporters on the platform and sections 812 and 816, this means that the closest First Aid stations are on the North side of the stadium.  For sections 825 and 829, the closest First Aid stations are on the South Side of the stadium.  In case of emergency, it is best to address a steward, who can assist you further.