136 places are reserved for disabled supporters in the stadium.  There is space for approximately 70 blind or partially sighted supporters in section 016.  On the North and South side, between the first and second ring, 66 additional spots are available for wheelchair users (Sections 812, 816, 825 and 829).

For all of the sections mentioned above, tickets are sold in pairs, for the disabled supporter and his or her companion.  It is not possible to issue more than one ticket for companions.

Due to safety regulations, the companion must be at least 18 years of age, and capable of helping and evacuating the disabled person if necessary.

Guide dog
If you use an official guide dog, it is no problem if you have a ticket for section 016.  The other spots for disabled spectators are not suitable due to the presence of many other spectators.  We also kindly request that you inform us of a dog’s presence prior to the game, so that we can ensure that the stewards are aware of this.  You can contact the Fan care department to arrange this.

Disability Club Card
To be eligible for a disability ticket, you must possess a Disability Club Card.  In order to request this club card, you need to own a European disability parking card.  The Disability Club Card can be requested via this page

Club card for disabled supporters
It is possible to purchase a disability season ticket.  Certain criteria apply when requesting or being put on a waiting list for disability season tickets.  Currently, all of our season tickets are sold out.

Home game
If you are in possession of a Disability Club Card, you can order tickets for Ajax home games online through your My Ajax account.  It is not possible for supporters who are not disabled to use these tickets.  Any abuse of tickets for disabled supporters will result in being refused entry to the stadium.

European away games
Tickets for one of Ajax’s away games can be requested via this form.  A request form for an away game can be filled in.  Limited tickets are available for each game.  Tickets will be assigned based on a draw one week prior to the game.  You will be informed of the outcome via email.

Tickets for a European away game can be requested up to two weeks before the game via this form.  Limited tickets are available for these games as well.  Our aim is to close registration for these tickets one week before the away game, and then do the draw.  You will be informed of the outcome via email.



Parking at the Johan Cruijff ArenA
Parking permits must be ordered prior to the game.  These permits are valid for 2,5 hours before the game, until 3 hours after the game.  The printed parking permit and the European disability parking card must be displayed together inside the car’s windshield.  There are several options for parking in and around the stadium.

  • P1 ArenA (directly under the stadium)
  • P-Dome (next to the stadium) 
  • P4 (closest parking lot in P-other) 
  • P-other (P2, P3, P5 to P24)

Start of parking permit sales
Sales of these parking permits start on the Friday in the week before the game at 10:00.  For mid-week games, permit sales begin exactly one week before the match starts.  When sales begin, disability season ticket and club card holders can purchase a parking permit.  On the second day, European disability parking card holders who do not have a disability season ticket or club card may purchase a parking permit.

It is possible to park in P1 in the ArenA at a reduced rate.  For this, both a parking permit and a European disability parking card are required.  These permits can be ordered through your My Ajax account by clicking on the game for which the permit is needed.

Should there be no more reduced-price parking permits available via the My Ajax account, then parking spots (P1 ArenA  to P24) can be obtained via the city of Amsterdam’s ticket shop (  Regular city fares apply.

European disability parking cards
A European disability parking card can be requested at the town hall in your place of residence.

Access P1 Arena and P – other 
P1 Arena can be reached via the Burgemeester Stramanweg.  When you see the stadium in front of you, continue straight on the Burgemeester Stramanweg and follow signs to Amsterdam Zuidoost / Diemen/ Venserpolder.  After that, take exit P1 ArenA.  At the level 0 exits, several accessible parking spaces are reserved for disabled visitors with a European disability parking card.

These accessible parking spaces are located near the elevators on the stadium’s North side (entrance B) and on the South side(entrance H).

If you have a parking permit for the P-Dome or P-other, then follow the signs around the stadium.  In the P-Dome, the disabled parking spaces are close to the exits.

Important notice
Any abuse of a disability parking permit will lead to being denied access to the stadium or parking garage.
Maximum clearance height for a car in P1 ArenA is 2,25 meters.


Game day information

Fan Care
If you have questions prior to the game, please contact Fan Care via chat, or ask your question via @AjaxFancare.

During the game, you can address any steward in the stadium if you need extra information or help.  The stadium opens 1,5 hours before the game for disabled supporters.  Enjoy a bite to eat and a drink and watch the players warm up on the field.

Ajax Audio for the blind or partially sighted persons
For blind or partially sighted supporters, we have a special Ajax Audio service.  This enables you to follow the game live in the stadium via an FM frequency.  The steward in section 016  has these audio devices available to loan out.  They can be returned to the same steward after the game.  For hygiene reasons, you are required to bring your own earphones or headphones.

From the press room, two commentators give a live report of the game.  The broadcast begins when the players come onto the field, and ends shortly after the final whistle.  There is no broadcast during halftime.  The signal can only be received in the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

The Johan Cruijff ArenA is a cashless stadium.  In the stadium, payments by PIN (contactless), Master Card, Visa, Visa Electron, AmEx and VPay are accepted.

Smoking and alcohol
Smoking is forbidden in the entire Johan Cruijff ArenA, unless otherwise indicated.  Visitors under the age of 18 will not be served alcohol.

The Johan Cruijff ArenA’s policy is that any bag larger than an A4 sheet of paper will not be allowed into the stadium for security reasons.  In addition to that, checking large bags delays the flow of visitors into the stadium.  For bags needed for medical reasons, exceptions to this rule will be made.

Food and drink
If you have a ticket for sections 812, 825 and 829, there are several nearby concession stands to purchase food and drink.  Beer, wine, soft drinks and warm drinks can be bought, as well as snacks like hamburgers, French fries and sandwiches.  The concession stand near 016 also sells beer, wine, soft drinks and warm drinks, with a limited selection of snacks.  No alcohol is served at high-risk games.

Forbidden items
For the safety of all supporters, several items are forbidden during Ajax games in the Johan Cruijff ArenA.  These are: fireworks, bottles, glass cups, cans, sticks, banners with offensive or provocative text, chains, and any weapons which can be used for hitting, stabbing, or throwing.

Please note:  If you need a medical device with you during the game, this is allowed.  Standard procedures will be in effect when controlling admission at the door.

House rules
Ajax, the Johan Cruijff ArenA and other partners involved with match organization aim to offer all supporters a customer friendly, safe and trouble-free visit.  Misconduct, violence or disturbance have no place in this.  In order to ensure this, it is important that visitors respect and follow the rules and regulations.  Supporters who violate these rules, and thereby put at risk the safety of other supporters, Ajax’s interest or football in general, or cause general damage or disturbance, will be given a sanction.  Ajax, the city of Amsterdam and the public prosecutor exchange information about this.

If you receive a Disability Club Card or purchase a ticket to a game, you automatically accept the KNVB Standard general conditions.



The Johan Cruijff ArenA is accessible for disabled persons.

Disabled supporters who wish to use the elevators can do so by entering the stadium via the North entrance B or South entrance H.  The accessible entrances are located in parking garage P1 ArenA.  Two elevators are located at each entrance to bring disabled persons to the required level.  Please take note of potential waiting times for the elevators, and plan to arrive at the stadium on time.  The doors open ninety minutes before kick-off.

Disabled supporters in sections 016, 812 and 816 will be expected at the rear door of  North entrance B. 

Disabled supporters who hold tickets for sections 825 and 829 will take the H/south elevators rear door.  From the elevator, you can access your place directly.  Places are indicated via signage on the floor.

Ticket control will take place at both entrances and there is the possibility of being bodily searched.  Your disability will of course be taken into account.  Only bags with medication related to the disability will be allowed.  There is a limited possibility to put bags in storage.

You will find the lavatories at main entrance E.  The easy access toilets are located at the entrance of the platform, under section 016, and near the spots for disabled supporters.

Information in case of emergency
The Johan Cruijff ArenA has four First Aid stations.  Two are located on the North side, and two on the South side.  For disabled supporters on the platform and sections 812 and 816, this means that the closest First Aid stations are on the North side of the stadium.  For sections 825 and 829, the closest First Aid stations are on the South Side of the stadium.  In case of emergency, it is best to address a steward, who can assist you further.


General information

Ajax gallery and stadium visit
Tours start every half hour from 9:30 to 16:30 on a daily basis, except on and around Ajax game days and event days.

Disabled supporters using a wheelchair can book a stadium tour by calling +31 (0)20 311 1333. The Johan Cruijff ArenA will arrange a private guide who will show you all of the stadium’s highlights.

For more information, please check the Johan Cruijff ArenA website (guided tours, stadium tours, visitor information).

The official Ajax fan shop
The fan shop is a true paradise for football fans.  All official match and training kits can be found here.  Leisure clothing, baby and children’s items, stationary, pottery and jewelry are all sold here.  With over 300 items available, it is one of Europe’s largest football fan shops.  The store is located next to the Johan Cruijff ArenA’s main entrance, and on the Kalverstraat.  You can also visit the online fan shop.

We will only print home and away jerseys which have been purchased in the Official Ajax Fanshop.

Opening hours on game daysStarting at 10:00 until thirty minutes prior to the game.  The fan shop is closed during the game.  After the game, the fan shop is open for thirty minutes.

Stay in touch and Ajax App
Through our website ( and via the official Ajax App, you can follow the latest news.  You will be kept informed of all developments during games, and you’ll learn everything there is to know about the Ajax players, and you can take a peek into our rich history.  There are also many interviews, background stories, reports and live blogs of important events.

YouTube channel
Watch AFC Ajax’s You Tube channel to stay informed on all of the latest recaps, interviews and so much more!

Youtube: AFC Ajax

Social media channels
Ajax has several social media channels, and you can always receive notifications on your own home page.

Facebook: AFC Ajax
TWITTER:  @afcajax
Instagram:  @afcajax

Live broadcasts
Ajax aims to involve supporters in important events as much as possible.  These events will then be broadcast live.  Examples are attractive youth games, the player presentation on Open Day, and Erik ten Hag’s press conferences.  Subscribe to Ajax’s You Tube channel to receive notifications when live broadcasts are coming up.



For more information
For all questions concerning Ajax matches, tickets, season tickets, Club Cards, parking permits and stadium accessibility, please contact our Fan care.

Contact us via 0900 – 232 25 29

Social media
Ask your questions here:
Twitter: @AjaxFancare

E – mail
Send us an e-mail via

Do it yourself
Make any changes via My Ajax in the ticketshop.

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